• (with Eun Ah Lee, Magdalena Grohman, Nicholas Gans, and Marco Tacca). “The Roles of Implicit Understanding of Engineering Ethics in Student Teams’ Discussion.” Science and Engineering Ethics
  • (with Eun Ah Lee) “Connecting Inquiry and Values in Science Education: An Approach based on John Dewey’s Philosophy”

Edited Collections

  • Reappraising Feyerabend, a special issue of Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science Part A, vol 57 (June 2016), edited and introduced by Ian James Kidd and myself. Other contributors include Matteo Collodel, Stefano Gattei, Ron Giere, Helmut Heit, Martin Kusch, Gonzalo Mun ́evar, Eric Oberheim, John Preston, Daniel Kuby, Eric Martin, Lisa Heller, and Helene Sorgner; includes a freshly rediscovered and previously untranslated work by Feyerabend.

Articles and Book Chapters

Book Reviews


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